Long in the Tooth … Yadda Yadda

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curated by Christine Negus

November 29-January 30, 2017-18.


“I like the idea of the persistence of teeth. In true crime shows, for instance, a body is often found, and eventually identified through the dental records. There’s some kind of permanence to these tiny things that require so much care, that need flossing and cleaning every day. But ultimately, they are the last thing standing. Over the years I’ve collected human teeth, I’ve made teeth from ceramics, I’ve collected tooth-themed jewellery, and I’ve found toothy animal remains in “death flea markets” in the Western United States, where you can buy bits and parts of things.” Unsettling and funny at once, Long in the Tooth … Yadda Yadda is a toothy-assed grin, a jaw breaker, a chatterbox, a gummer, the whining echo of the dentist drill. Some discomfort may be expected.



The Author

Kirsty Robertson is an Associate Professor of contemporary art and museum studies at the University of Western Ontario.

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