Someone Else’s Reverie

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Someone Else’s Reverie consists of miniatures that artist and curator Jenna Faye Powell has been collecting for the past twelve years. After the “great miniature purge” of 2015, these objects were kept purely for sentimental reasons. Many of these miniatures were acquired or built for Powell’s 2012 MFA graduating exhibition Welcome to Chesterfield, where they were used as models for her paintings. Chesterfield is a fictional city. It is an illusory place Powell lovingly created to support and develop the many aesthetic, theoretical, and historical inquiries she has around the middle class lifestyle in the suburbs – its perks, its privileges. Chesterfield is constantly changing and adapting to suit her interests. It is a place brimming with mundane everydayness; it is both fantastical and pathetic, full of romance and familiarity. But, Chesterfield is not all laughter and sunshine. From gentrification to poor air quality, Chesterfield is known to absorb real-life problems. The creation story of Chesterfield is one full of contradictions, irony (and failed irony), autobiographical confessions, illusions and allusions, and unguided exploration: Welcome to Chesterfield.


images by Julia Beltrano


The Author

Kirsty Robertson is an Associate Professor of contemporary art and museum studies at the University of Western Ontario.

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