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After a short hiatus, The Bookcase is re-opening March 17 with the Mushroom Festival! Featuring artworks by local, national, and international artists, as well as mushroom treats, and a guide to local mushrooms by Western University fungi experts, the Mushroom Festival is a one day mycology extravaganza.

Tentative Schedule

10am The Bookcase opens – view sculptures by Paul Chartrand and Simone Sciascetti and a bookwork by Chartrand in the calm before the mushroom storm, tour the forest of mushroom art, and peruse mushroom-focused books from the Bookcase’s collection (the exhibition will be viewable all day).

12pm A short talk by fungi expert Dr. R. Greg Thorne. View mushroom samples (possibly including a 19th century Death Angel) with Nimalka Weerasuriya. Eat mushroom soup and mushroom tarts and, if you’re brave, try a little truffle honey.

1pm try out Alexis William’s Mushroom Oracle, “a tarot deck for artists, scientists and spiritual explorers that draws from biology and mythology to deliver words of wisdom from the mushroom spirits.”

2pm watch a screening of Christopher Kennedy’s Mycological Provisions, “an interview project archiving the stories of four contemporary artists while hunting for mushrooms in the summer of 2013.”

3pm Relax to the sounds of LaSaM Experimental Music Unit’s Music for Mycologists, a response to the work of John Cage, himself an avid mycologist.




The Author

Kirsty Robertson is an Associate Professor of contemporary art and museum studies at the University of Western Ontario.

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