Penned Again: The Pen Collection of Dr. John Hatch

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March 25-April 29

The Bookcase Micro-museum and Library

John Hatch writes of his collection of nearly 120 pens: “My collecting of pens started rather innocently with the gift of a couple of vintage pens from my father in the late 1970s. I do use every pen in my collection, rotating on a regular basis. I do still write a lot despite loving computers and mobile devices.” For the next five weeks, twenty-four pens selected from Dr. Hatch’s collection will be on display at the Bookcase, ranging from the Montegrappa Van Gogh Arles pen: “part of a line of pens by Montegrappa inspired by artists, this one’s colour is a resin transcription of the colour palette of Van Gogh’s painting Bedroom in Arles (1888)” to the striped pattern of the Pelikan Ductus (shown above), which “came to be referred to unofficially as the Stresemann, named after the Weimar foreign minister Gustav Stresemann who was famous for his pinstripe suits.” A full itemized catalogue with information on each pen accompanies the show.





photos by Jennifer Martin


The Author

Kirsty Robertson is an Associate Professor of contemporary art and museum studies at the University of Western Ontario.

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